父親与民國(My Father and the Republic of China)

About the Author

Mr. Chen Xoung-Chi was born on July 7, 1940. His hometown is Nan-Yang, Henan Province, China. He was a 1962 graduate of the Academy of Financial Affaires, the Combined Services of the ROC Ministry of Defense. He had served in the Bureau of Financial Affaires, the headquarters of the ROC Combined Services, the Keelung and Taipei City Committee of the Youth Corps, as well as the Chinese newspaper LA  REPUBLICA in Panama.

Mr. Chen is a renowned newspaper editor and had authored several books in Chinese. This book 《My Father and the Republic of China》is his latest writing in memory of his beloved late father Mr.  Chen Qi-Er who would have been 100 years old in 2018.

There are 2 volumes of this book: Vol.1 documented his father’s military career throughout the WWII era while serving as an officer  in the ROC Army Telecommunication Corps, witnessing the horrendous suffering of the Chinese people during the Japanese invasion and the joy of the final victory celebration by the Chinese people in 1945.

Vol. 2 will be published on this BigBall website as soon as it is completed and released by the author.


Updated on July 10, 2018

Vol. 2 has been completed with even more moving stories about the author’s father during the internal war between the KMT army and  the CCP peoples’s liberation army; and the subsequent career setbacks in Taiwan due to a brief (<48 hours) captivity by the PLA while saving an army general who was chased to the shore by the PLA. Yet his father never lost his loyalty to the KMT and continued to provide honorable services as a distinguished Telecommunication Brigade commander and an outstanding instructor at the Telecommunication Academy of the Army. The author also documented his son’s memorable visit to his hometown in Henan Province to look up those places that he had heard throughout his upbringing.

What a wonderful story by such an elegant writer Mr. Chen Xoung-Chi!

父親与民國(下)- 陳昌智


Painting of Cats by Hsu Rue(画家徐瑞大师的猫画作)

Link to Hsu Rue’s website(点击进入徐瑞的网站,之后展开请按右上角三横)==》https://www.hsuruethecat.com/

About the Author

徐瑞簡歷 英文2017


徐 瑞 簡歷2017

Why painting cats according to Hsu Rue(为什么画猫呢-徐瑞的解释)

I’ve always used cats as symbol of my art work. Like humans, cats are full of expressive body language which are ideal in exhibiting my thoughts and feelings. You could say that, in my art work, I AM the cat or the cat IS me.



Reunion of Elementary School Classmates to Commence Life Beyond 70 Years


Classmates who graduated from the Cheng Zheng Elementary School(founded by General Sun Li-Ren for children from the army families) in 1960 held an expanded reunion in Taiwan that lasted 3 days in October, 2017 in celebration of life and in commencement of life beyond 70 Years. This wonderful reunion was documented in a video put together by Mr. Hern Chao.

Video for Reunion party tour
About the author 作者简介

Mr. Hern Chao was born in 1948 in Hernan Province, China and is a citizen of Taiwan ever since .
Majored electrical engineering in college and served as electrical engineer for four (4) decades for nuclear power plant in Taiwan and thermal power plant in Guam.
Retired from career since 2013.

YouTube video link ==》


Nostalgic Memories of 70 Years(70年的回味與記憶)

About the Author (作者簡介)

Ms. Xie De-Fei was born in Nanjing, China in 1948. She completed her elementary school education at the Cheng-Zheng Elementary School while living in the Huang-Pu Military Residential Village-I in the township of Feng-Shan in Taiwan and has collated photos of classmates and reunions across a 70-year time span into this musical album. She moved to Taipei with her parents after the elementary school and completed a diploma from the Taipei City Business Academy. She is now a retired grandmother.

謝德菲 籍貫南京市 37年次 民國49年畢業於誠正國小 原住鳳山黃埔新村後隨父母遷居台北 畢業於台北市立高商 現已退休居家含飴弄孫。


Childhood Memories 童年(潘招强)

About the author 作者简介

Mr. Pan Zhao-Qiang was born in 1947 in Zhejiang Province, China. He completed his elementary school education in 1960 at the Cheng-Zheng Elementary School in the township of Feng-Shan in Taiwan and lived in the Huang-Pu Military Residential Village-II for 50 years. He graduated from the Kao-Shiung Marine Products College in 1966 after completing the diploma class of the Army Officers Academy and had spent 37 years in a seafaring career.



Jointly sponsored a Taiji Qigong Class with City of Walnut, California

A Taiji Qigong class has been successfully conducted at the City of Walnut with more than thirty registered participants. Based on positive feedbacks and popular demand, future classes are being planned with the City of Walnut starting in November, 2017.

Taiji Qi Gong

Water Resources in California 加利福尼亚的水

Written by Professor CK Yuan, who graduated from Beijing University and received a doctorate of Mathematics from the University of California, then taught for over 40 years both in California and in China’s Qing Hua University. He served as head of 3 research institutes at Qing Hua University, as well as President of the Zhonguancun Institue For Innovation. He also served as the Vice President of the International Technological University in California.


Series of 3 articles(一共有上,中,下三文):

1. (上)加利福尼亚的水 (1)

2. (中)加利福尼亚的水 (2)

3. (下)加利福尼亚的水 (3)

Note from the Editor:

We truly appreciate Professor Yuan’s support for the BigBall Earth Caring Humanity Association in completing and sharing of these three marvelous articles for readers around the world to learn the background of the humongous grassroots efforts in saving and restoring the eco system of Mono Lake in California, which triggered the water conservation programs not only in Los Angeles, but also throughout the state of California! It’s so very prudent to protect the water resources for the sustainment of eco system on this great Earth!

我们竭诚地感谢袁教授对碧波关怀地球人文协会的支持,完成并分享了这三篇非常精彩的大作, 让全世界的读者都能得知拯救加利福尼亚州梦纳湖的生态环境背后的巨大草根运动背景。不仅因此启发了洛杉机地区的节水措施,也带动了整个加州的水资源节约项目! 保护好水资源对维持大地上的生态环境实在是太重要了!

外公的书, 背后那穿越百年的往事


外公的書,背後那穿越百年的往事(繁体,A4版)加老试卷 CK




天妒英才 (文+图·)



李翊民(偉傑) 回憶錄序言


偉傑兄跟我的同學緣從誠正小學一年級開始 迄今已有六十二年了。由於他父親跟家父都是從大陸隨孫立人將軍的部隊來台,然後又在陸軍印刷所開始共事。李伯伯從少校副所長,中校陸軍印製廠副廠長一路晉升到上校印製廠廠長退休,家父也從少校指導員,中校陸軍印製廠輔導長,接任李伯伯的副廠長及上校廠長數年后退休,可以說他們數十年的軍中生涯都是相輔相成的好夥伴。兩家在新店文山新村從我們初中到高中都是隔壁鄰居,加上五年的小學同班,有很多共同的生活背景及回憶。
我們誠正小學(后改為國小)的同學都珍惜這段同學緣,一甲子之後還繼續保持聯繫。我在小五小六兩年都擔任忠班班長,大學畢業后服了一年的預官役 於1971年來美國深造打拼了四十多年,下崗后致力於慈善義工, 成立了美國碧波關懷地球人文協會(The BigBall Earth Caring Humanity Association)。跟誠正老同學的聯繫也因e世代的來臨而方便多了。每天都能看到老同學互相問候及分享佳文,笑談,圖片,視頻,頗為熱鬧。忠孝兩班的老同學還都習慣的叫我為班長,我推辭不了,只好恭敬不如從命了。心想反正我二十年前經過癌症復原的神蹟之後早已把餘生定位為以服務他人為宗旨,能多為老同學服務,又何樂不為呢。

2016.12.18 Los Angeles