Our History


Since the start of this millennium, volunteers from Taiwan have been providing financial relief in poor and under-privileged ethnic minority tribes and villages via support of cultural heritage artifacts, particularly hand woven baby wrappers that are in danger of extinction. Volunteers at our sister association the Big Ball Earth Care & Humanist Association of Taiwan have held exhibitions of these artifacts in museums and universities and sponsored numerous speaker forums for advancing education on caring of the Earth as one would for their own mother for the sake of saving the humanity.

Inspired by our sister association in Taiwan, the BigBall Earth Caring Association, Inc. (BECHA) was incorporated in California on July 1st, 2011 by a group of loving parents who love and care for their children and also recognize the need to care for Mother Earth and to preserve/promote humanity in order to nourish the continued growth and well-being of the children for generations to come.


BECHA will enlist more volunteers and workers to promote the charitable cause of providing financial relief for poor tribal villages in support of near extinct artifacts and advancing education on how to care for the Earth to save humanity as we do to love and care for our own mother. We plan to hold exhibitions of collected rare artifacts, such as hand woven baby wrappers from minority tribes and villages throughout the world, and host educational speaker forums to exchange views in caring for the Earth and humanity in the United States.

Tax Exempt Status

BECHA was granted Federal tax exempt status as a non-profit organization for public charity under IRS code 501(c)3 on August 3, 2012 and was also acknowledged with a tax- exempt status by California Franchise tax Board on October 31, 2012 effective the same date as Federal.