Our History

The BigBall Earth Caring Humanity Association (BECHA) was founded largely based on the inspiration and support from our sister association in Taiwan. Sharing the concern that the Earth, where the existence of 70 billion human beings and other living things rely on, is facing the threat of imbalance from global warming, such as the rise of sea-level , sharp decline in biodiversity , shortages of food and fresh water, as well as the frequent floods, droughts, heat waves, and typhoons due to extreme weather conditions. These various phenomena repeatedly remind us that our Mother Earth is under increasingly heavy burden.

In response to the green spirit of “Think Globally and Act Locally “, BECHA was founded by a group of people with lofty ideals and was registered on July 1, 2011 in California as a non-profit charity organization with IRS 501(c)3 status.

Our Mission
Our Mother Earth is the source of all life. Being a member of the global village, we are obligated to stay engaged in solidarity since we share one atmosphere and breathe the same air. The water from our daily usage also turns into ice, snow and rain to fall in every corner of the globe.
BECHA urges everyone to take actions in our daily life to save energy, reduce carbon emission, and cherish the resources to help build a living environment with green mountains, clean water, and sustainable resources. We also inherited the spirit of our Taiwan sister association in collecting baby carriers with the hope to convey the vision of the continuity of humanity in future generations through these near extinct needle works, so as to protect our Mother Earth, this beautiful planet that all living things are born and nourished.

Aims and Prospects
BECHA is a public service platform to deliver the message of LOVE and HOPE. We espouse the ideals of Caring for the Earth and Equality to Life. Through organizing activities, sponsoring thematic exhibitions, and publishing books, we hope to inspire the attention and support of the community in order to achieve the vision of sustainable humanity and harmonious co-existence.
In addition, we also provide resources and information to support vulnerable groups, thus helping them to blossom the brilliance in life. Our future plan is to combine with other volunteer forces to expand the activities of LOVE in the community, such as providing care for elderly and children’s education. We hope that under the joint efforts of the public, HOPE and VISION will be awakened by LOVE and a good legacy will be left on this land.