Breathing Harmoniously with the Earth

Warm-up exercise:

Keep all joints relaxed and follow the music and movements in this link as warm-up before the 18 forms of Taiji Bagua Qigong:

Taiji Bagua Qigong in 18 forms with breathing instructions:

Xi: breathing in with nose

Hu: breathing out with mouth

Modified from the original 18 forms by master Lin Hou-Sheng to improve effectiveness and to let Qi flow with clockwise body rotations according to positions of Star of David (6 angles, 60 degrees apart) and Ba Gua (8 astrological positions, 45 degrees apart). Follow movements in sync with the music in this link:

Translation of the name of the 18 forms:

1) Starting form to adjust breathing rhythms. 2) Widen the chest. 3) Wave to the rainbows. 4) Separate the clouds with arms. 5) Backstroke the hand in fixed steps. 6) Row the boat in lake. 7) Raise the ball across the chest. 8) Turn the body to watch the moon. 9) Turn the waist and push the palm. 10) Sweep the cloud in horse steps. 11) Scoop the sea and raise to the sky. 12) Push the sea to make tidal waves. 13) Dove to fly with flapping wings. 14) Hold the fist to deliver a punch. 15) Swans to fly in the sky. 16) Spin the flywheel left and right. 17) Lift the knee and dribble the ball. 18) Return the qi with palms downward.


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