Reunion of Elementary School Classmates to Commence Life Beyond 70 Years


Classmates who graduated from the Cheng Zheng Elementary School(founded by General Sun Li-Ren for children from the army families) in 1960 held an expanded reunion in Taiwan that lasted 3 days in October, 2017 in celebration of life and in commencement of life beyond 70 Years. This wonderful reunion was documented in a video put together by Mr. Hern Chao.

Video for Reunion party tour
About the author 作者简介

Mr. Hern Chao was born in 1948 in Hernan Province, China and is a citizen of Taiwan ever since .
Majored electrical engineering in college and served as electrical engineer for four (4) decades for nuclear power plant in Taiwan and thermal power plant in Guam.
Retired from career since 2013.

YouTube video link ==》


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