Water Resources in California 加利福尼亚的水

Written by Professor CK Yuan, who graduated from Beijing University and received a doctorate of Mathematics from the University of California, then taught for over 40 years both in California and in China’s Qing Hua University. He served as head of 3 research institutes at Qing Hua University, as well as President of the Zhonguancun Institue For Innovation. He also served as the Vice President of the International Technological University in California.


Series of 3 articles(一共有上,中,下三文):

1. (上)加利福尼亚的水 (1)

2. (中)加利福尼亚的水 (2)

3. (下)加利福尼亚的水 (3)

Note from the Editor:

We truly appreciate Professor Yuan’s support for the BigBall Earth Caring Humanity Association in completing and sharing of these three marvelous articles for readers around the world to learn the background of the humongous grassroots efforts in saving and restoring the eco system of Mono Lake in California, which triggered the water conservation programs not only in Los Angeles, but also throughout the state of California! It’s so very prudent to protect the water resources for the sustainment of eco system on this great Earth!

我们竭诚地感谢袁教授对碧波关怀地球人文协会的支持,完成并分享了这三篇非常精彩的大作, 让全世界的读者都能得知拯救加利福尼亚州梦纳湖的生态环境背后的巨大草根运动背景。不仅因此启发了洛杉机地区的节水措施,也带动了整个加州的水资源节约项目! 保护好水资源对维持大地上的生态环境实在是太重要了!

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