New service of providing a repository for memoirs of retirees

Staring in December 2016, a new community service has been added to provide a repository for memoirs of retirees. This new service is intended to provide a forum for retirees to share their memorable life stories which can be viewed by all BigBall members and supporters around the world. We also encourage new entries from anyone willing to share their significant real life experiences and stories. Please send all inquiries to

You can find memoirs posting from the Menu bar under Community Services.

從2016年12月开始, 碧波提供一个新的社区服务项目,就是在碧波网站上开辟了一个“回忆录”栏目给退休人士。目的是为退休人士提供一个平台,把人生值得回忆的故事分享给全世界的网站读友。我们希望有新的碧波之友来共襄盛举,分享您的精彩人生故事,把回忆留下来给家人及新旧朋友们。请联系网站电邮地址

回忆录可以從网站的大标题Community Services(社区服务)点开查找。

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