Legendary Treasure – Down Syndrome Baby Kuan-Ting Lin’s Art Exhibition

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Exhibition Venue:

Taiwan Center Foundation of Greater Los Angeles   

2014.12.  6&7   10AM-5PM

Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles

2014.12.13&14 10AM-5PM

Children are treasures from heaven. From the moment babies are born, parents start caring/nursing and continue doing that throughout their growing up while hoping that their children may become the best of the bests in their lives. What if God sent you a “special surprise treasure”… how would you feel about all this?

In the spring of 1988, doctors in the Banqiao East Asia Hospital told Yong-Fa Lin and Ping-Ping Wang, the parents, that their baby suffers from a rare genetic disorder – Down Syndrome. Faced with this sad news, they did not complain, nor choose to abandon this child. Instead, they named the child Kuan-Ting, which means “Crown Royale” in Chinese, in the hope that someday Kuan-Ting may stand out as a well accomplished artist in his own way.

In order to inspire the child’s inherent potential from a young age of 3 or 4 years old , father Yong-Fa  Lin personally taught Kuan-Ting writing and drawing. In parallel, mother Ping-Ping Wang’s teaching involved reciting poems from the Tang dynasty, reading verses of Song dynasty, and listening nursery rhymes song lyrics .  Free time was used by the family to tour scenic Eastern Taiwan, including painting trips to Mount Lee Jia and outings to Du-Lang Bay in order to inspire endless creativity in this child, cultivated from life aesthetics.

There is a Taiwanese saying:  “A blade of grass yields a drop of dew.”  After a long-term bathing in the beautiful landscape of nature and the molding from exposure to humanity, Kuan-Ting had his eyes opened and gradually showed brilliance in painting and pottery; and has become an “art little man”. From year 2006 onwards, he and his father have been invited to hold painting exhibitions in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Germany. He has also published a good collection of books, such as “Songs of Admiration” , “Father-Son Spiritual Dialogue”, “Wild Art Thinking”, and “The Legendary Baby”. His efforts have made his family proud, as well as opened up a wonderful life of painting and calligraphy for himself.

The BigBall Earth Caring Humanity Association hopes “The Legendary Treasure – Down Syndrome Baby Kuan-Ting Lin’s Art Exhibition” will inspire many others like him as well as other physically and mentally handicapped children to strive to surpass their difficulties and obstacles; and live up to a valuable life. We also hope to see our communities cherish these special children with a little more care and love in forming a circle of LOVE with a view of creating a peaceful and happy society.

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